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Pacific Coast Statutes, Regulations and Permits

These pages are intended to serve as general guidance for addressing state coastal issues. Additional permit and regulation processes may exist at the state level, and are likely at the local and county levels. Restoration practitioners are encouraged to investigate local issues thoroughly.



State of Alaska Erosion Control Policy states “before constructing erosion control measures, state agencies should analyze nonstructural alternatives, such as relocating threatened structures, and if consistent with law, proceed with the option that has the greatest benefit for the least cost.”

Alaska Administrative Code, Title 6: Governor's Office, Chapter 80 – Standards of the Alaska Coastal Management Program , Section 40: Coastal Development.

Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Office of Project Management and Permitting: Alaska Coastal Zone Management Program.


California Environmental Quality Act

California Code of Regulations, Title 14 – Natural Resources, Division 5.5: California Coastal Commission.

California Fish and Game Environmental Review and Permitting, including Lake and Streambed Alteration Program and state environmental review under CEQA

California Coastal Commission: Coastal Development Permit

State Water Resources Control Board - The Certification and Wetlands Unit Program regulates discharges of fill and dredged material under Clean Water Act 401 and the Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act.

San Francisco Bay Joint Aquatic Resources Permit Application - The JARPA process and permit application form that consolidates federal, state and local permits and simplifies the permit process for applicants proposing construction, fill placement, public access impingement, and other development activities in or near aquatic environments and wetlands within San Francisco Bay permits

California Assoc of Resource Conservation Districts - Guide to Watershed Project Permitting

California Coastal Commission Brochure - The Commission plans and regulates development and natural resource use along the coast in partnership with local governments and in keeping with the requirements of the Coastal Act.

California Salmonid Stream Habitat Restoration Manual - This restoration guide includes a list of potential stream restoration permits in Part VI. Project Planning and Organization


Hawaii Coastal Zone Management Law, Hawaii Revised Statutes, Chapter 205A: Coastal Zone Management Program. Chapter 205A of the Hawaii Revised Statutes mandates each county to establish special management areas (SMA's), and forty foot shoreline setbacks, within which permits are required for development. The Planning Commission on each island is the decision-making authority for an SMA permit or shoreline setback variance, except for Oahu , where the authority rests with the City Council.

Commission on Water Resource Management, Hawaii Administrative Rules, Water Resources

State-Wide Permits, Stream Channel Alteration

Permits, by county
City and County of Honolulu, Department of Planning and Permitting
The Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP) processes a wide range of land use permits and applications including: zoning changes, conditional use permits, shoreline management permits, subdivision applications, variances, state special use permits, planned development and cluster applications, site plan review and special district applications.

Maui Planning Department and Planning Commission
The Maui Planning Department is responsible for virtually all county land use-related permits. This includes shoreline setback variances and Special Management Area permits.

Kauai Planning Department and Planning Commission
The Kauai Planning Department is responsible for most county land-use related permits involving subdivision, variances, use, zoning, shoreline setback variances, special management area permits.

Hawaii Planning Department and Planning Commission
The Planning Department serves the public by enforcing the State Land Use Law, administering and enforcing the subdivision and zoning codes of the County, and enforcing the shoreline setback variance and special management area requirements.

State of Hawaii , Office of Environmental Quality Control. 2004. A Guidebook for the Hawaii State Environmental Review Process

Stream Channel Alteration Permit – Flow Chart


Idaho Stream Channel Protection Act

Idaho Department of Environmental Quality Section 401 Water Quality Certification

Joint Application for Stream Channel Alteration


Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Fish Passage

Rules governing ocean shores management

Oregon Administrative Rules, Chapter 141: Department of State Lands, Division 85: Administrative Rules Governing the Issuance and Enforcement of Removal-Fill Authorizations Within Waters of Oregon Including Wetlands

Oregon Statewide Planning Goal 17, Requirement 5: "Land-use management practices and nonstructural solutions to problems of erosion and flooding shall be preferred to structural solutions. Where shown to be necessary, water and erosion control structures, such as jetties, bulkheads, seawalls, and similar protective structures; and fill, whether located in the waterways or on shorelands above ordinary high water mark, shall be designed to minimize adverse impacts on water currents, erosion, and accretion patterns.”  

Oregon Parks and Recreation Department: Permit program for ocean shore alterations

State Wetlands Program

A Guide to Oregon's Permits


State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Any proposal that requires a state or local agency decision to license, fund, or undertake a project, or the proposed adoption of a policy, plan, or program can trigger environmental review under SEPA.

Washington Shoreline Management Act of 1971. Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 90.58.

Washington State, Department of Ecology: Shoreline Management Home. Includes information on laws/regulations, permitting, and jurisdiction.

Washington Administrative Code. Title 173: Department of Ecology, Chapter 27: Shoreline Management Permit and Enforcement Procedure, Part I: Permits for Development on Shorelines of the State.

Washington State Office of Regulatory Assistance Online Resources, including (JARPA) Joint Aquatic Resource Permits Application One-Stop E-Permitting Service and Online Permit Assistance System

Hydraulic Project Approval (HPA) Work that uses, diverts, obstructs, or changes the natural flow or bed of any of the salt or fresh waters of state may be subject to an HPA. The major types of activities in freshwater requiring an HPA include stream bank protection; culvert installation; dredging; and log, log jam, or debris removal. Saltwater activities may also require an HPA.  

Washington State , Department of Ecology, Shorelands and Environmental Assistance Program. 1998. Enforcing the Shoreline Management Act: Guidance for Local Government Administrators by Huckell/Weinman Associates, Inc.