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$10.8 Million in Funding for Coastal Habitat Restoration Projects to Benefit Fish

This year, we awarded $10.8 million in funding for 19 coastal habitat restoration projects across the United States through the Community-based Restoration Program. These projects will restore up to 15,000 acres of habitat, and open nearly 400 stream miles for fish passage.
Selected projects will use a habitat-based approach to increase fish production and foster species recovery. Proposals submitted under this solicitation were selected based on their ability to demonstrate how they would help rebuild fish stocks, help recover threatened and endangered species,  or sustain or benefit other coastal and marine species (such as forage fish).

Restoration efforts will include:

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  • California

  • Florida

  • Maine

  • Maryland/Virginia

  • Massachusetts

  • Oregon

  • Washington

Our investment in habitat is part of a long-term effort to rebuild fisheries, many of which have declined precipitously from habitat loss, over-fishing, and climate change. Recent successes show that restoring habitat is a way not only to stop the decline of fish populations, but also to regrow them to historic high numbers.