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About the Restoration Center

Created in 1991, the Restoration Center is the only office within NOAA solely devoted to restoring the nation’s coastal, marine, and migratory fish habitat.  We focus on four priority habitat restoration approaches, where we can have the biggest impact to fishery production: opening rivers, reconnecting coastal wetlands, restoring corals, and rebuilding shellfish populations.

When the opportunity arises, we also work with partners to restore other habitats including mangrove forests, seagrass beds, kelp forests, and riparian habitat.

The NOAA Restoration Center …

  • Funds and implements quality restoration projects to ensure healthy, productive, sustainable fisheries.
  • Employs technical staff to help improve project design, ensure environmental compliance, and advance restoration techniques.
  • Engages the local community and encourages stewardship of our nation’s coastal habitat.
  • Funds projects that engage local people and resources, supporting the economy through restoration activities, expertise, and materials.
  • Collaborates with public, private, and government partners to prioritize projects and leverage resources.
  • Uses scientific monitoring to evaluate restoration project success and maximize the use of tax dollars.
  • Conducts socioeconomic research that demonstrates the benefits of coastal restoration for community and environmental purposes.