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Deep Sea Coral Research & Technology Program—Research Projects

In 2009, NOAA started conducting deep-sea coral research in U.S. waters using advanced underwater technologies to better understand deep-sea coral habitats and help inform fisheries management decisions. We are conducting three-year field efforts in each of seven regions to research, map, and characterize deep-sea coral habitats in selected regions. In addition to these field activities, the Program is also funding targeted analyses to integrate existing research on—and known locations of—deep-sea corals; conducting workshops to further identify management-driven deep-sea coral exploration and research needs and to identify the minimum requirements to address deep-sea coral data and information management needs; analyzing the distribution and intensity of fishing practices that may impact these corals; and improving the reporting and analysis of bycatch of deep-sea corals caught in commercial fishing activities. Click on any of the projects below to learn more about our work

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