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Restoration Jobs Portal

Interested in learning how habitat restoration creates jobs? Take a look at some of the resources we’ve compiled. We’ve got photos, videos, fact sheets, and reports, as well as web stories and some social media tips. You can also find the latest press releases on recent projects and findings related to restoration and jobs. There’s also a contact list for you to find out more about issues in your area.

Recovery Act Partner Toolkit

This toolkit is for Recovery Act partners. It provides background information on the Recovery Act and an orientation that outlines recipient responsibilities. Find information on Grants Online, monitoring, and reporting, as well as outreach resources including customizable templates for banners and other signage. The toolkit also includes contact information and other useful links related to the Recovery Act.

Restoration Center Grantee and Applicant Resources Toolkit

This toolkit provides NOAA Restoration Center partners with comprehensive information on how to manage awards, including monitoring and performance measures, outreach, and environmental compliance requirements. View guidance on monitoring and reporting forms, find outreach resources on event planning and press releases, and download forms and worksheets.

Tidal Hydrology Toolkit

This toolkit will aid practitioners and managers restoring tidal hydrology in the southeastern United States. The toolkit provides tips on recognizing opportunities to initiate projects; strategies for designing projects; navigating the permitting process; construction considerations for before, during and after execution; determining restoration effectiveness; and building project-level support within the community. It also includes case studies for projects conducted in the Southeast and toolkits containing example documentation, links to digital resources, agency information, funding sources, and more.