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NOAA and EPA Release Regional Coastal Wetlands Reviews

NOAA, in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), announces the release of four regional Coastal Wetland Reviews. These reports are a compilation of information, including recent coastal wetland trends, that can help state and local wetlands managers identify key information gaps and determine what is needed to address the ongoing loss of coastal wetlands.

Together with our partners, we convened a series of meetings with stakeholders in coastal watersheds throughout the Mid-Atlantic, South Atlantic, North Atlantic, and Gulf of Mexico. The objective was to better understand regional stressors on wetlands in coastal watersheds and local protection strategies with the goal of reversing the trend of wetland loss. We believe many of the observations and ideas gathered are transferable throughout each region and the country.

Each discussion was specific to the watershed in which it was held:

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We will use the reports’ conclusions to develop follow-up actions for existing programs and potential initiatives to reduce coastal wetlands loss.

Posted January 29, 2013