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NOAA Announces National Habitat Policy

NOAA has released a NOAA National Habitat Policy, which acknowledges that healthy habitat is crucial to NOAA’s programs and activities. The agency-wide policy outlines a set of guiding principles that applies to all of NOAA’s habitat work. It is a long-term policy and will influence future actions and priorities related to habitat conservation, allowing us to be more efficient and effective.

Healthy habitat is vital to protecting coastal and ocean ecosystems and communities. In turn, healthy habitat is important for achieving the NOAA mission. NOAA is responsible for ensuring the nation has a strong network of healthy habitats. These habitats sustain resilient and thriving marine and coastal resources, communities, and economies by protecting and restoring those habitats.

However, with continued widespread loss and deterioration of coastal and marine habitats, we are in danger of losing this natural infrastructure. NOAA has been committed to confronting these challenges for many years. This new policy is a clear statement of NOAA’s dedication to habitat conservation and resilient ecosystems and communities.

Posted August 10, 2015