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Be Heard: Give Your Input on Estuary Habitat Restoration Strategy

In December 2002, the Estuary Habitat Restoration Council published the Final Estuary Habitat Restoration Strategy. The council is now initiating the process for revising the strategy and is seeking comments to guide that revision. The council is interested in considering: identifying areas of compatibility with the Ocean Policy task force goals, and identifying focus areas for the estuary habitat restoration strategy, such as: climate adaptation restoration, socio-economic benefits of estuary habitat restoration, and geographic restoration prioritization.

The council intends to prepare a draft revised estuary habitat restoration strategy in the fall of 2010 and make it available for public review and comment. After reviewing public comments on the draft, the council will publish a final revised estuary habitat restoration strategy in early 2011.

For information on how to submit comments, view the Federal Register Notice. You can view the current strategy at Comments and information must be received by July 21, 2010. Send comments to Estuary Habitat Restoration Strategy, NOAA Fisheries Service, 1315 East-West Highway, Room 14730, Silver Spring, MD 20910. Electronic comments may be submitted to

Estuary Habitat Restoration Strategy