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Deepwater BP Oil Spill: Our Role

One year after the BP oil spill, we are working closely with federal and state partners and leading efforts on a restoration scoping process. This process will allow us to take a comprehensive look at the types of restoration that might be required to offset potential impacts from the spill on habitat, fish, wildlife, and human use of those resources. We benefit from having 20 years experience with Gulf restoration—380 planned, ongoing, and completed restoration projects in the Gulf states prior to the BP oil spill.

In March 2011, we collected public comments about potential types of restoration for Gulf resources. The public meetings are the first of several opportunities for citizens to engage in the restoration planning process. More than 500 people attended 10 meetings throughout the Gulf.

In April 2011, federal and state partners reached an agreement with BP to begin emergency restoration, which is intended to reduce or prevent ongoing or potential injuries to natural resources resulting from the spill and related response activities. NOAA will lead a Gulf seagrass restoration effort, which also includes state co-trustee agencies and the National Park Service.

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