Test Your Habitat IQ


Protecting our natural infrastructure—our global life support systems—is vital to protecting our communities and their economies as well as fisheries and recreational opportunities along our coasts. With continued widespread loss and deterioration of coastal and marine habitats, we are in danger of losing this infrastructure. Congress has charged the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) with protecting habitat for fish, threatened and endangered species, marine mammals, and other natural resources within the coastal zone.

We need to increase the sustainability and productivity of our fisheries by focusing on the habitat that fish need to spawn and grow, as well as protecting the coastal resources on which our communities depend. Recognizing the need for more concerted efforts to conserve (protect and restore) habitat, we developed the NOAA Habitat Blueprint to build on existing programs, prioritize our activities, and guide our future actions. Simply put—we are improving the way we do business.


Healthy habitats that sustain resilient and thriving marine and coastal resources, communities, and economies.


The Habitat Blueprint provides a forward looking framework for NOAA to think and act strategically across programs and with partner organizations to address the growing challenge of coastal and marine habitat loss and degradation.

We will increase the effectiveness of our efforts to improve habitat conditions for fisheries, coastal and marine life, along with other economic, cultural, and environmental benefits our society needs and enjoys.


Please email additional questions to Helen Chabot at helen.chabot@noaa.gov.