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DARRP Restoration Implementation Grants

Cosco Busan

NOAA restores marine and coastal natural resources damaged by hazardous waste, oil spills, and other physical impacts. Through this funding opportunity, NOAA seeks to collaborate with non-federal partners to accomplish common restoration goals related to these damages.

Making Restoration Happen

Applicants selected through this federal funding opportunity will be capable of implementing restoration activities across a wide geographic scale. Recipients, in collaboration with NOAA and trustee councils, will select, implement, and oversee activities identified in natural resource damage assessment and restoration plans, or develop or solicit projects to meet restoration goals. Project implementation may include direct implementation by the recipient, or through contracts or sub-awards.

Applicants with technical capabilities related to particular geographic areas, long-term ecological monitoring or site maintenance, or specific natural resources (i.e. fish, marine mammals, birds, corals) are encouraged to highlight those skills.

Awards at a Glance

Important Funding Notices