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Applicant and Grantee Resources

The information below will assist applicants in applying for funding through the NOAA Restoration Center. It will also aid both applicants and grantees in understanding and meeting the many requirements involved in applying for and receiving federal funding.

Applicant and Grantee Orientation

Applicant Resources

We understand how complex applying for federal funding can be. We hope the information below helps you prepare a strong proposal and prepare for the requirements you will need to meet if you are successful. Many of these documents are referenced in our Federal Funding Opportunities (Requests for Proposals) posted on

Environmental Compliance Resources for Restoration Projects

We rely on several programmatic environmental compliance documents to streamline our required reviews of restoration projects under the National Environmental Policy Act and Endangered Species Act.


Technical Guidance and Best Management Practices

We are committed to working with partners to create technically strong restoration projects. Our staff includes restoration experts who can assist in identifying the best restoration techniques and best management practices.

Monitoring Guidance

Monitoring is important to evaluate both project and program performance. Our staff can direct you to a restoration specialist for help in developing a cost-effective monitoring plan for implementation and/or effectiveness monitoring, as appropriate.

Financial and Administrative Guidance

Strong, technical restoration efforts must also be accompanied by solid project and financial management. These resources will assist with management of federal funds and project progress reporting. Tracking the status and success of funded projects helps us stay accountable for the expenditure of federal restoration funds and respond quickly to inquiries from NOAA management, Congressional members, and constituents.

Outreach Resources

Grantees will need to follow certain guidelines when it comes to outreach regarding their project. These resources outline those guidelines and provide tools, like logos and planning guidance, to help you promote your project and your partnership with the Restoration Center. Our outreach staff is also available to help with any questions you might have.