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Coastal Blue Carbon Reports

Tampa Bay Blue Carbon Assessment: Summary of Findings
Restore America’s Estuaries

Coastal Blue Carbon: methods for assessing carbon stocks and emissions factors in mangroves, tidal salt marshes, and seagrass meadows
The Blue Carbon Initiative

Methodology for Tidal Wetland and Seagrass Restoration, v1.0
The Verified Carbon Standard and Restore America's Estuaries

Coastal Blue Carbon in Practice: A Manual for Using the VCS Methodology for Tidal Wetland and Seagrass Restoration
Restore America's Estuaries and Silvestrum

Green Payments for Blue Carbon: Economic Incentives for Protecting Threatened Coastal Habitats
Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions

State of the Science of Coastal Blue Carbon: A Summary for Policy Makers
Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions

Capturing and Conserving Natural Coastal Carbon: Building Mitigation, Advancing Adaptation
World Bank, IUCN, ESA PWA

Mitigating Climate Change through Restoration and Management of Coastal Wetlands and Near-shore Marine Ecosystems: Challenges and Opportunities
World Bank, IUCN, ESA PWA

The Management of Natural Coastal Carbon Sinks
IUCN, WCPA, Natural England, the Lighthouse Foundation, UNEP

Blue Carbon: The Role of Healthy Oceans in Binding Carbon—A Rapid Response Assessment

Findings of the National Blue Ribbon Panel on the Development of a Greenhouse Gas Offset Protocol for Tidal Wetlands Restoration and Management: Action Plan to Guide Protocol Development
Restore America’s Estuaries

Grasses and Gases: Wetlands and Climate Change
Article in National Wetlands Newsletter